work for wildwood 

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in applying for a position at Wildwood Cafe! Wildwood is a small specialty cafe located in beautiful Stoughton, WI.  We serve fresh and seasonal food that falls on the comforting and healthy side of the food spectrum. We offer very high quality food and beverage options but seek to normalize these offerings as we invite people into our cafe.  We want to take care of our guests and provide them with a level of service the leaves them with a sense of comfort and satisfaction.  We do this by choosing a perspective of discovery and empathy with each transaction.  We are looking for compassionate and hard working folks to help us make this happen.  These positions will offer better than competitive compensation, between 25-40 hrs/week and paid time off.

Please send a resume and a short letter of introduction to us at if you believe you are qualified for any of the positions below.


CAFE FACILITATOR | Our Cafe Facilitator will be responsible for the service experience each customer has when they walk through our door.  This includes the discovery of guest's needs and the delivery of their experience at Wildwood.  Practical job duties include coffee & espresso preparation, cash handling/point of sale duties, kitchen service production, support & preparation, and cleaning.  Qualified candidates will have an ability to connect and empathize with other folks, an attitude of urgency to help guests discover their own needs, and a drive to be helpful and perceptive.  We don't require coffee or barista experience but an appreciation for the consumption of quality coffee is a must as we will help you develop a very thorough understanding and knowledge for specialty coffee and tea. 


WILDWOOD IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.  We don't discriminate. We respect.